Whether you are interested in deep structural work, or simply need to unwind, I believe in working towards health with each individual's structure and current needs.  My work draws from studies in Myofascial Release, Structural Integration® (Rolfing), Trigger Point, & Swedish massage. 

Pregnancy  Massage  

I specialize in working with pregnant & postpartum women to increase comfort, decrease aches & dysfunction.  In addition sessions will work towards promoting better mother/child health through decreasing stress hormone levels in the body.  For those Mamas who are interested, I am always happy to incorporate pregnancy, labor, & postpartum preparation/education into our sessions.

TMJ Release 

For those of you with TMJ or jaw issues, I offer a targeted 30 minute TMJ release session.  These sessions are designed to promote better jaw function & alignment, release tension, & address imbalances in the jaw, neck & shoulders.