Rolfing is a holistic technique in that changes in structure can impact the whole person, physically, emotionally, and energetically. Ultimately, each client’s individual experience plays a central role in Rolfing’s transformational aspects. Rolfing® Structural Integration offers a combination of bodywork, awarness building and movement education. It manipulates the body's connective tissue to rebalance the body, and bring pain relief from chronic pain, stress, and injury. Most Rolfing feels really good, like a deep massage, and often offers immediate results. Using fingers, hands, and elbows, I slowly work through deep layers of tissue to release built up tension and compensation patterns throughout the body.

TMJ Release 

For those of you with TMJ or jaw issues, I offer a targeted 30 minute TMJ release session.  These sessions are designed to promote better jaw function & alignment, release tension, & address imbalances in the jaw, neck & shoulders.